What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Amazing service in a quaint place. I even had help to the car. I would recommend them to anyone. They offer many free services, such as, delivery and organizing your medicine for you. The store also carries ‘gifty’ trinket items that are adorable."

"Folks are very friendly. Great gift shop too."

"Their customer service will keep me coming back. If you ask a question that the employee can't answer, they have the pharmacist talk to you. Very friendly place in which you don't feel like you're an annoyance. Very eager to help. Beats going to large chains!"

"I switched from Walgreens three months ago, and couldn't be happier! The staff is incredibly friendly, informative, and answers all questions accurately. Meds are always on-time and without issues. They try to help you save money by offering coupons when they can. I love this place!"

"They're great!"

"Lightning fast service, and friendly staff."

"Excellent service! My family & I have been using Rotary Drug for over 25 years!"

"It's a nice mom&pop pharmacy that's quick. You can bring in an Rx & wait no more than 10 minutes. Plus, they have lovely trinket gifts and a surgical supply area too."

"I transferred my prescriptions to here from CVS, when I didn't have insurance, and they gave me a cash price of about $20 cheaper."

"Places like this don't exist anymore. Everyone is always very nice and personable. There is a little gift shop of knick-knacks to wander through while you wait.... "feel better" gifts. My husband and I will continue to come here."

"Much better place to go than the big chain drug stores! Always has nice pharmacists."

"Rotary is awesome!"

You can help Rotary Drug by leaving a great review on Google, Yelp and Facebook- thank you!